Undescended Testes

What is an undescended testicle? Undescended testicles, also known as cryptorchidism, is a fairly common and normally painless congenital condition in which one or both of a baby’s testicles (testes) have not moved into the proper position. One to 2 percent of male infants are affected. Before a baby boy is born, the testicles form in … Read more


http://www.childrenshospital.org/conditions-and-treatments/conditions/i/inguinal-hernia http://www.childrenshospital.org/conditions-and-treatments/conditions/u/umbilical-hernia

Preoperative Guidelines

For pre-admission: Report at the hospital reception/ pre-admission office before the planned surgery. Have your ID and medical aid card readily available. Milk and solid food can be allowed until 6 hours before the planned surgery Breast milk is allowed up to 4h before the planned surgery Clear liquids (Water and Apple juice) are allowed … Read more

Differences between a term baby and a preterm baby: definition

Term infant born after 37 completed weeks , ≥37 0/7 weeks’ gestation preterm infant born before 37 completed weeks •      extremely preterm (less than 28 weeks) •      very preterm (28 to 32 weeks) •      moderate to late preterm (32 to 37 weeks). Post term infant born after 42 weeks 42 0/7 weeks’ gestation Several terms … Read more