Preoperative Guidelines

  • For pre-admission: Report at the hospital reception/ pre-admission office before the planned surgery. Have your ID and medical aid card readily available.
  • Milk and solid food can be allowed until 6 hours before the planned surgery
  • Breast milk is allowed up to 4h before the planned surgery
  • Clear liquids (Water and Apple juice) are allowed up to 2 hours before the planned surgery
  • Your child needs to be in hospital at least an hour and a half before scheduled theatre time: i.e. 7 am for morning theatre cases, 12:30 pm for afternoon theatre cases
  • If your child is on any chronic medication, please call doctor regarding when and how to correctly administer medication before scheduled surgery.
  • If there is any fever, wound infection or other complaint post-surgery, please contact the rooms of Dr. D’hondt immediately.
  • Inform medical staff immediately if starvation guidelines have not been adhered to, as not to put your child at risk